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Are hip hop blogs important when it comes to marketing my music

Any exposure for you music could bring new fans so yes they are important. I think people get lost when it comes to what they are suppose to do when marketing their music online. The main goal is to build new fans. Sometimes with blogs etc. Most of the people that read them are artists themselves, that means they are not trying to learn about new artists. They are only going to listen to big artists like new releases from Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj. If you are looking to gain new fans, look for blogs that specialize in indie music. Large blogs tend to favor signed artists because they spend dollars on marketing similar to radio stations. Look for blogs that feature new artists on the regular basis and focus on the underground. You have a much better chance of gaining fans from that kind of site because people are looking for new talent. Also, the bigger blogs tend to post new artist material when they are already buzzing. So if you want to get on the big blogs try to get a lot of placements in the smaller blogs and just work your way up from there.

Tips on how to get placement on blogs
1- If you are totally unknown start with smaller blogs
2- If you can't afford a publicist purchase a book on publicity and do it yourself
3- Focus on marketing your main website and get people to tweet your site etc..
you would be surprised how many blogs follow whats being tweeted.

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