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The art of building a fan base and how it works

Many artists work hard to be discovered but is that what your really want? Just think about what you really want for a minute. Lets say your an unknown artist and you get signed today. No one knows who your are so if the label released a record it would of course flop. So lets look at it from another point of view. Lets say your buzzing and you have developed a small following on the internet and in your neighborhood. You get signed to a label and you continue with your fan base and now you have the label marketing your brand also. Now you are working with the label, so you are like partners. This is more advantageous because now you have an edge. You have a fan base so you can ask for more and that puts you in a situation where you can negotiate. My point is when you have a fan base you are in a better position as an artist. Now lets get to building your fan base.

I'm assuming you have a small budget so the first thing you need is business cards. For just $50 you can get hundreds of cards and market your brand locally and build fans. Make sure you have a website, it could be a myspace, facebook or twitter page just a place where your fans can gather and talk about your music or brand.

The next level would be performing locally. Performing is the best way to build fans because they actually get to see and talk to you in person. The best way to market your brand is in person. You can also give out mixtape or try to sell albums at your local events.
You can set up shows at local bars or small clubs by talking to the person in charge of events and arranging a small performance or event. Try to come in with a few local acts like 4 groups or bands a comedian etc.

The next level would be getting interviews on blogs or cable TV shows. Try to get some interviews on local cable, they usually support local artists. Try to get your content on
smaller blogs, major blogs have so much politics involved.

Many people wonder of there are enough fans for all artists to make a living, of course there is, how many artists in your neighborhood are really making noise. Not many, be like Nike and just do it.


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