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Do Reality shows or music programming hurt the music business

Many feel that television programming like American Idol and X Factor hurt the music industry. Here is why some say that. The X Factor and American Idol reaches millions of fans through televsion and mobile communication through voting. They have developed their own strong brands. So when a person goes on American Idol or X Factor you are performing for their fans not yours. This gives a distorted image of the music business because the performers tend to think they are their fans. This is totally false and misguided. The American Idol fans can become the performers fan but that is rare if you look at the track record for the winners. Fans just want to vote for the next winner and have fun, they don't necessarily want to go out and buy performers music. The performers still have to understand they have to develop their own brands outside of the competition. You haven't arrived when you win, but it is a start. You then have to prove yourself as an artist and a brand. You could actually do this on your own without all the contracts taking all of your money.

I'm not downing any of this programming, we are just giving a realistic opinion of what can happen if the artist doesn't understand what they need to do in order to succeed in the entertainment industry.


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