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How can an artist standout in a crowded music market

Artists that I'm working with ask me this question all the time. How can they be that next big unique artist? As an expert in marketing artists I tell them its really simple. Go where no one has gone before and your automatically unique. For example, if your a hip hop artist trying to get on all the popular blogs just like 1 million other people, chances are you won't get noticed unless you have a hookup or got a beat produced by a hot producer or big feature. Otherwise your emails will be deleted with the other thousand. Now lets make some sense out of this whole music thing and find you a way to get in without doing what everyone else does.

Target markets that other people are avoiding, you never hear about rappers trying to get their music in TV commercials, or indie films etc.. There are other markets for your music, even in stores. Many stores have thousands of people that come in everyday, why not talk to the manager who plays the music and ask him to play your music. Make sure you give him tracks where you say your name over it, that would be more effective but you see where I'm going. There are thousands of ways to market your music other than sending them to blogs. You can still use blogs to promote your music but try new and exciting ways. If you have positive music you might want to try restaurants etc.. You can reach thousands of people very easily with just a little thought.

Think outside the box checklist
1- Try marketing your music in indie films (contact film students)
2- Join Pump Audio and get in TV commercials
3- Get your music played in stores that feature music
4- Make your marketing efforts interesting and fun, it really helps
5- Have a contest and invest in yourself and giveaway something nice, like an ipad to your fans
make sure you get the word out about the contest though and you get 100's of entries. One idea
for a contest is you could have your fans remix one of your songs. The best remix gets an ipad and posted on your site etc. Contests really work but you have to giveaway something nice.


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