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How to market music on facebook

Facebook has proven very effective when it comes to marketing music online. There are a few things that you need to know in order to market your music effectively. First of course its the obvious, set up a fan page for your music and add your music and videos to page. The only way to keep people coming to your page is to update the content. So you should constantly update the page with new music and video blogs. If you don't want to update your page then you don't want consistent people coming to your page. Once you have your fan page set up you need traffic or visitors. You can get them by joining groups and simply commenting on other posts. You also want to build up your likes using the like button. Make sure you have a like box on your official site so your fans can like your page.

Here is a quick checklist of how to market your facebook page
1- Create a fan page and put your music and videos up
2- Pay for advertising your pages using facebook ads
3- Market your page using other networks like twitter
4- Create a blog and put your facebook link in every post or any
other link you are promoting
5- The more places you put your link the more traffic to your page
so put the link everywhere you can


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