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How to set up a small tour

Many artists don't realize how much money they are missing out on by not setting up their own tours. Tours can be profitable right from the start. If you don't have a name, you have to build up your name on the touring circuit. That means going to local places and talking to the owner or event specialist and finding out the details of using the venue for an event. It's that simple, anyone can set up a tour by doing this in many different areas. If you follow this simple rule in just one year you could be selling out venues in different states and making tons of money. I have seen many people do it and its still being done everyday. Its a great way to build your fan base and perfect to put money in your pocket.


1- Find a small venure, bar or small club
2- Find the person in charge of events
3- Find out if you could set up a performance event
4- Once you find the venue set up a budget
5- If you have a small budget or no budget try to get
the venue for free and offer to bring a lot of people
in to buy drinks or food etc.. Set a Date for event
6- Use your social networks and email to market the event
7- If you have a small budget use the money to purchase
tickets to sell and flyers
8- Have your event then do it all over again and again


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