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Is terrestrial radio still an important part of marketing music

People that are on terrestrial radio are going to say of course you can still make big records on the radio but others differ in that opinion. In the last 5 years we have seen youtube make some really big records. Crank That by Souljaboy, Justin Bieber, Drake and many others were big on the internet before they hit national radio. Did national radio make them even bigger? We all know that the radio stations are controlled by the major labels because they have the budget to pay for marketing. But lets look at it from this point of view. When Soulajboy crossed over to terrestrial radio he was also seen on national television. So if Soulajboy was only getting spins on national radio and didn't get national television exposure, how successful would he have been? If you take away the national television component terrestrial radio doesn't help much. Just ask your friends if they listen to the radio, most of my friends listen to online radio or just download the music they want off of iTunes.

So does terrestrial radio still have a big impact on music marketing? Yes but now you have many other choices and you can still have a big record without them. Now you can have a big record on facebook, youtube, jango etc..


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