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The science behind Lil B Based God incredible success

Lil B started with hip hop group The Pack but more recently he started a solo career that was much more successful. How did he become such a player in the music business? Well, Lil B understands why being unique is very important. Take a look back when he first started promoting himself on myspace a few years ago. He made it very clear that he was the first rapper to have over 100 myspace pages. Whether you think this is good or bad, it is unique. Not many people are going to work that hard and save thousands of friends on 100 myspace pages, that's a lot of work.

So fast forward to him publishing his book and becoming one of the youngest publishers in hip hop. Not important to you? Well that also makes him unique. Now lets talk about his lyrics. No matter what people may say, Lil B can make a good song but does he always make good songs, no. If your putting out as much material as he does your not gonna make a hit every time, and he knows this. Lets move on to his shows, Lil B is known for having crazy shows with the pack. They are also very controversial with music videos being banned because of nude girls etc.. By now you should realize that Lil B is basically a marketing genius. No mistake about it, Lil B understands what it takes to get attention and he is great at it. If you don't understand the Lil B craze, then you don't understand creative marketing.

Lil B Checklist
1- Controversial shows and videos
2- 100's of music videos on youtube
3- Youngest hip hop publisher
4- Uses lyrics to cause controversy
5- Most myspace pages
6- Works hard to build facebook, twitter, youtube fans and subscribers
7- Understand being unique is important
8- Works hard to distinguish himself from others

You have to admit there is no one like Lil B

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