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Using apps to market music

If you don't have an application to promote your brand you are probably loosing out on new customers and fans. Why? There are millions of iphone, android and computer users thats why.
Whether its a phone application or desktop app, your fans have easy access to everything thats you. Your brand in millions of phones and computers can do wonders for your sales. Just take a look at the numbers. Millions of users, thats all I have to say. There are a few services out there that are great including Mob Base or if you have a bigger budget you can get one customized by a software designer. Is that neccessary? Only if your app is more complicated. If you want something simple you can go with a company like Mob Base. Checkout this Quesfire app

Here is a small checklist of why apps are so important
1- Most apps are free for users to download or you can charge
2- Millions of users have access to your apps
3- Sell your music in your apps
4- Exclusive content like pics and videos for the app only would
be best. If people can get the content anywhere then it means less
5- Promote app in your social networks and also with facebook ads
6- Create a fan page for your app and twitter
7- Also create a desktop app
8- The best apps are easy to use


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