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Why releasing music on itunes doesn't make sense for a new artist

Indie artists release music on itunes everyday and barely sell 100 copies. Why? Because they don't have an audience. Releasing music for sale anywhere and you don't have an audience doesn't make sense. Nobody is going to buy your music and you will feel rejected and discouraged. Here is a solid plan that will get you some itunes sales.

1- Build up your internet following on youtube, facebook and twitter get people to follow
and subscribe.

2- Use blog advertising along with facebook and youtube ads to get the word about your music out.

3- Blog advertising tends to be less expensive than facebook or youtube so depends on your budget.

4- Release free mixtapes until you have lots of listeners tuning in. The major companies do this everyday, Ning gave their service for free until they had millions of customers and they switched to a pay service. Just because a person didn't pay for your service doesn't mean their not a customer. If they use your service free or not they are customers. A customer and user are the same thing.
5- So when your drop a free mixtape and you get 20,000 downloads or more then you are ready to release music on itunes.

Hope this helps you take your movement to the next level


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