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How to operate like a major label

I'm going to try to keep this short. So basically you want to act as a major but on your level, so here is goes.

Most major labels are broken down into departments

-Radio promotions
-Marketing or street team
-Graphics and design
-Shows and touring

Ok, I'm about to tell you how to do this yourself, on your level and get great results.

1- Publicity you can get from contacting blogs and other websites. Just look up the top hip hop blogs and try to get on those if that doesn't work keep using google to find blogs that will promote you. You may have a pay for play but it will be worth it in the end.

2- Radio promotions with major labels all start with money, but if you get a list of college radio stations and contact them then you may get radio play that way. Start with a list of US colleges. Find the correct shows for your music and email them your music. Even try internet radio like blogtalkradio, live365 and many more

3- General marketing of your music is easy, if you can't afford low cost banners just make up flyers and hit the streets. Record your efforts on video and post to youtube. Never know what may happen when you hit the streets. Make sure you hit the clubs and events.

4- Shows and touring are your bread and butter. You may not be able to fill Yankee Stadium just yet but you can fill the local bar. Go out and talk with local bar owners and have events and sell tickets for your events. Local bar owners will usually let you have the place for free. If you can sell 100 tickets at $10 you just made 1,000 to invest back into your career. Its not hard artists do it everyday. Again try to get clubs or bars that will take the bar as payment and let you use the place for free. Try doing this in different states cities and even countries.

Now your operating like a major but on your level


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