Understanding the new music industry and the Internet

We can't ignore the fact that major record labels are closing and the music industry is dying fast. Who is to blame for the sales slump and the failing ideas? Well I have some personal thoughts on the subject. Basically it's like going outside without knowing it was gonna rain, you need an umbrella, basically they didn't see it coming. They didn't see that Internet radio where people can listen to what they want would replace terrestrial radios boring playlists. The blogs also created a way for people to actually listen to what they want and communicate with like minded people. Hard copy mix-tapes were replaced by digital mix-tapes. With all the new technology anyone can get any song free, but many people buy music to support the artists.

Imagine if the major labels owned all the top blogs and Internet radio stations, also if the major labels had a staff of 15 employees and each employee owned a popular blog. They could practically pay their own salary. The new music industry is about empowering the people. They fail to understand that because they are used to having so much power with the old model. The new music industry has to empower the people. How does empowering the people equal more sales.

With the power of social networking and blogging employees can build their own individual audience where they can share ideas and that would lead to more sales. At this point in time it would be difficult to do because most popular blogs are owned by individuals so it wouldn't be a good thing to do now but in the early stages of blogging it would have been amazing.

At this point in time the people took the music industry back and in order for corporate America to grab hold of it again they would have to control the popular blogs and Internet radio stations. This is almost impossible to do because anyone can start a website and compete with the majors. The new music industry is going to have to give more to the people if it's going to survive.


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