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What is a music industry buzz and how do you create it?

Written by Antoine King CEO of Spate Media

Let's start with the basics, your material has to be great quality and it has to be good.

Now let's go!

I get many questions about how to create the best music industry buzz. The Internet has made it very easy to accomplish this. There are so many tools available such as Facebook, blogs, YouTube etc.. You have to use them effectively by tracking your results and setting goals. I want to get into what exactly a media buzz is first. To make it simple, a industry buzz is when you have important people talking about you as well as fans. Simple right?

A proper buzz is created when everything is working together. For example: If you have a song, video or album you are trying to create a buzz around people have to hear or see it, so that means Internet radio, national radio, college radio, cable etc.. Then you have to do publicity such as interviews with blogs, magazines etc.. Then you have to have commercials, video blog, documentary etc.. Now you have shows and events such as listening parties, shows and touring. Once you have done all of these things properly then you have buzz. Once you have buzz then you will get everyone knocking at your door.

Here is a check list to make sure your building your buzz properly.

1) Magazine and blog placements
2) Get real youtube, twitter and facebook following using ads. Set a monthly budget and build your audience.
3) Internet radio and college radio. Make a radio team because there are 100's of radio stations that can promote your music.
4) Street promotions, make sure your have small flyers and business cards to network at other peoples events.
5) Set up listening parties and shows. If you can't bring people out to see you, you will never sell any records.
6) Get to know A&R reps by doing showcases or label meetings.

7) Make a schedule and set goals for example, contact 20 radio stations, magazines, blogs monthly etc..
8) Come up with new creative ways to promote and market your music. Funny videos, funny qoutes on twitter etc..
9) Collab with people that are buzzing in your hood.
10) Make sure you release new music and videos on a schedule every year.

Facebook, twitter, YouTube can seriously add to your buzz but only if you have followers. You have to work hard to build your following and it will get people talking about you.

Antoine King CEO Spate Media

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