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Why do major labels like to sign groups like Maybach Music, GOOD Music etc..

Written by Antoine King CEO of Spate Media

Maybe you noticed that major record labels love to sign groups, production companys and crews. Here are a few reasons why groups are more valuable than artists sometimes.

Record labels like to make big deals and its hard for a individual artist to get a big deal unless they have a proven track record of sales. That's the only way your going to get major money to sign to a label. When I say major money I mean millions.

Imagine if the NBA was made up of single players. There would be a lot less action because you would only have two players on the floor representing each team. Less passing, less movement etc..

So keeping that in mind imagine if you have a crew of 8 artists that include a producer and singer etc.. If a few of the artists in the crew are buzzing then this brings a lot more value to a label and a much greater chance at getting a big deal done. Here are a few reasons why more people mean more dollars.

For example: You have Maybach Music. Lets say Rick Ross drops his album in May then July he drops a Maybach Music compilation. Then in August drops a Wale album and the month after that he drops a Meek Mill album. That's four albums in one year and they still have other members, this means more dollars especially if the group or label is buzzing. Labels are interested in selling the most albums possible. Hip Hop is also known for coat tailing, meaning that if your crew is hot most likely the other members will be buzzing also.

Take a look at the list.

1- Better chance to succeed because you can put out more albums and music.
2- People tend to be more interested in groups
3- Usually crews produce their own music, saves money in the long run.
4- Groups usually have their own publicity, radio and marketing team
5- Makes the labels job much easier
6- No artist development involved because groups are usually more refined

So hopefully this can give you a better idea of why its easier to get a deal when you have a team or group involved. So work hard as an artist but the more people you have on your team the easier it will be in the long run. Create a large and productive team with a publicist, event management, radio person, producer, song writers and artists. This will make you stand out in the crowd and allow labels to take you seriously.

Antoine King CEO
Spate Media


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