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Can a indie artist get national radio spins on the regular basis

Written by Antoine King CEO of Spate Media

Can a indie artist get national radio spins on the regular basis?

Ok, there are a lot of variables to this question. Are you friends with a big DJ? Do you have a budget of 15,000 or more a month? Are you friends with a huge entertainment personality? Well if any of these questions don't apply to you then you getting regular radio spins are probably not gonna happen. But you can get a few spins here and there. There are many DJ blasting companies that will tell you they can get you spins but that is up to the DJ and the radio directors. Radio directors have a list of records to play from major labels. These major labels usually partner or advertise on the radio stations. If you take a minute and go to the radio station website and look around a bit. There are no indie artists featured on the site. That's because indie artists are broke and they usually don't make much money. Radio stations partner with labels to do events like Summer Jam where they both can make money from selling tickets and sponsors.

So is getting national radio spins impossible? No, but if your an indie artist you don't have a lot of money in the first place so that money should be spent on setting up events. Don't focus on radio spins because they are for the big hitters. Start from the ground up and get your fan base in order before you even think about national radio. Get played on college radio and internet radio first. Become big on internet radio and college radio and then you might get some free spins on national radio but focus on getting big online first.

In conclusion, indie artist should work on internet radio and college radio before going into national radio. Also, focus on setting up events and shows where you can generate revenue to invest back into the business.

Written by Antoine King www.spatemedia.info

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