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How to get a record deal and build a great career

How can I get a major record deal? I get this question all the time. I wanted to just take a minute and analyze all the successful artists that have reached that point in their career.

Rockie Fresh recently signed with Maybach Music and it touring worldwide with Ross now and the other members of the label. How did he secure a major contract with Maybach music? First Rockie Fresh started by releasing successful mixtapes and videos. Meaning he built some momentum with quality projects and built an audience. By going to events and performing he built connections in the industry but these connections only came into play after he developed the proper buzz.

Myth: Having connections will get you signed to a major label.

First of all, I'm sure Rick Ross knows thousands of rappers personally and none of them have record deal. Why? Because they are not worth investing in at the moment.

Rick Ross thought Rockie Fresh would be a good investment because of his buzz and the connections that he has developed over the past few years.

Understanding how this business works starts with how you plan to generate revenue.

1- Events and shows #1 source of revenue
2- Merchandising #2 source of revenue
3- Album and single sales #3 source of revenue

The first goal for an artist that is really trying to get signed is to land a major tour or set up your own major tour. The reason you create your buzz is so you can set up tours and make money. Getting on hip hop blogs and magazines is so you can set up future shows and sell you content. So you are basically setting up your business to produce revenue.

1- Many artists that get signed are generating revenue from their brand or music.
2- Many artists that get signed have developed great connections from networking.
3- Many artists that get signed have built and core audience and have performed in front of thousands of people.
4- Many artists that get signed have sold out shows using their own name and brand.
5- Many artists that get signed have developed relationships with other successful artists.

So lets make this really simple. I have created a checklist for artists that really want to get signed to a major label.

0- Make sure your music is hot, set up focus groups and get opinions
1- Create a logo and brand
2- Try to get placements on as many blogs and magazines as possible
3- Set up your own shows and events. Everything from concerts to benefits for
a cause you like.
4- Perform where ever you can, showcases, parties etc..
5- Connect with a few local artists that are buzzing and do shows with them.
6- Set up and website and take plenty of pictures and video for your site
7- Also use social networks to get the word out.
8- Save your money and do everything with a budget when selling your music or promoting a video. Its no good if no one hears your music. You should have a budget minimum for every project lets say $2,000 per single release and $2,000 per video this is promotion only.

If you do these things now you look like a profitable business that someone would want to finance. Then and only then will you get labels interested in you.


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