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The reason why you don't need a record label

Written by Antoine King CEO of Spate Media

This is something an artist that is looking to get signed might not want to hear but you don't need a major label anymore. Major labels used to be the ones that had all the connections and they could get your music to the masses. Now you have social media and if used properly you can reach the masses on your own. Some people may argue that record labels have the money and they can lend you large sums in order to get projects done. If you are generating money by setting up events then you won't need their money. Artists tend to want a label to do the work for them but when they get signed they end up working harder than before. Here are a few reasons why some people want to get signed to major labels.

1- Get on MTV and BET- You don't need a record label to get on MTV and BET. You now have digital distribution services that will send your video to them for a very low cost.

2- Get national radio spins- You can get national radio spins on your own but you do need a radio team. Put a team of about 6 people together and tackle the over 400 independent, college and national radio stations.

3- Set up tours and shows- Record labels do a terrible job at setting up shows and tours. They usually partner with companies like Live Nation that own theaters and Halls. With the right website, publicity and social media promotion an artist can make the contacts to tour if there is a demand to see them perform. Setting up shows is as simple as putting together some artists renting a venue and selling tickets. Try to make your show unique.

4- Get nominated for awards like Grammys- If you go to the Grammy website you can get the information. You don't need to be on a major label to be considered.

5- Major labels invest a lot of money- This is not true at all. Most artists now if they are very popular may get 100,000 to 200,000 for an advance. This money is taxed and all involved have to be paid such as managers etc. Doesn't sound so great after all. Get a job and save your money.

These are the main reasons why some people think they need a label and obviously these reasons are false.


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