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Think about publicity before you even write a lyric

There are many artists that struggle to get the proper publicity for their brand because their music just doesn't connect. Macklemore has had no problem garnering attention with his positive lyrics on homosexuality and more. This is not something that happened by mistake. Macklemore thought about publicity before he even wrote any lyrics. Mac Miller named his most popular song "Donald Trump" because he is one of the biggest personalities in the world. These references to whats going on in the world were a play for big time publicity. Most artists are scared to tackle controversial topics in the world because they fear that there will be negative backlash. This is almost always never true. Any publicity is good publicity. When you sit down to write your lyrics, think about the incredible power you have as a writer. You can talk about anything you want. You can make an impact in a major way. Don't just write a song about anything. If you change the way you think, your lyrics will be more meaningful and you will garner the major publicity you are seeking. It also won't hurt to help make your community better by volunteering and just giving a fuck about someone other than yourself.

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