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Why Mobile Is The Future Of Music Marketing

By now I'm sure you know the next big thing in marketing is mobile advertising. Facebook, twitter and many other social networks are launching huge campaigns to gain the mobile audience. Facebooks purchase of instagram was a huge jump towards the mobile market. Why is mobile advertising so important you may ask. Well there are many reasons why but lets start with the simple things. You always have your phone with you. That means your checking email, taking photos and video. Talking with friends and more. Maybe you didn't notice but when you check your email there is most likely an advertisement. Therefore music artists can benefit the most from mobile marketing. How? Making videos, taking pictures and texting fans. Imaging waking up in the morning and just sending a text to your fans about a show. Or texting flyers to your fans about new events and songs. If you are not taking advantage of mobile marketing then your probably not selling music or selling tickets. Mobile marketing is the new way of marketing and it will only grow. Over the past year I went from not using social networks from my phone to using it everyday. Phones are larger now, and they are built to entertain people. This means they can watch videos and listen to music with ease. Even speakers for phones are getting better. With the new bluetooth technology we can now hook our phones to powerful speakers wirelessly and hear great sound. So here is your to do list for making your mobile campaign much stronger.

- Use social media with your phone for uploading vlogs, pictures, album covers etc..
- Build a email list of fans and use your phone to send important info, more and more people are using their phones to check email.
- Send new releases through email and text (Many people watch video on their phones)
- Make sure you have an app for your music, there are many free app services out there (Conduit) etc..
- Once you have an app you can use advertising services like Stumble to build your subscribers
- Send a press release about your new app launch using prweb or prnewswire
- Try using your phone more than you use your computer, this will prepare you for the future and help you get used to using mobile marketing. Basically become better at marketing with your phone than you are with your computer.

Follow these steps and it will prepare you for the future. Hope it helps.

Antoine King CEO

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