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What are record labels looking for right now

I get this question from my clients all the time. What are record labels looking for right now? The answer is only slighty different than it was 10 years ago. You still need a big record or a solid fan base. This has been the decision maker since record labels were born. The only difference is labels were willing to mold the artist into a hit maker. Now everything is taking place at the speed of light and music artists become old after only one year of dropping a hit record. So if you are really looking to get scouted by major labels, make sure your business is together. Take a look at this list below and make sure it applys to your brand.

- Make sure your branding is on point, website, logo etc...
- Have a strong team or you must have a good understanding of how the business works, get a degree
- Viral is key right now, try to come up with a viral music video or song
- Radio spins don't matter as much, make sure your social media presence is strong
- Make sure your setting up events on the regular basis, shows, record releases etc..
- The most impressive thing to the labels are your numbers, how many blog placements and how many fans do you have also how many people are listening to your music. Make sure you have fantastic numbers, this will make or break your career.
- Make sure your website is busy, with lots of hits
- A skilled publicist wouldn't hurt but if you can't afford it learn the publicity game, buy a book. Publicity will make or break your career. You can't keep paying for advertising without making your money back. Publicity is free

If you follow these basics you should be able to attract the attention of a major label.

Antoine King CEO of Spate Media

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