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Physical presskits vs Digital Press kits whats better?

The digital vs physical topic is a difficult one. The more people get deeper into digital technology the more they become immune to email. I have a blog called spatemag.com and I get up to 200-3,000 submissions every month. Imagine how many very popular booking agents, record labels and publicists get. Probably triple or at least double that. So imagine getting 6,000 emails every month. You probably would never get that many physical because its much more expensive for printed materials. Emails are usually free unless your using an email service. So my point is if your sending a email to someone that may be very popular you have a much better chance at getting to them in the physical form, simply because there is less competition. The main thing is you dont want to upset anyone sending a physical copy also. Some people are against physical copies because they are more work. Make sure the person isn't against recieving a physical copy before you send it. Make sure you follow directions. If they say no physical then send a email. If this is not specified assume its ok to send a physical copy. Make sure the physical presskit is set up nice with stickers and good quality paper. Make sure the bio highlights the artists accomplishments. This is your chance to show off so make it great. Here are a few tips for the best physical presskit you can make.

1- Make sure there are some great pics
2- Bio should reflect the major accomplishments
3- Make sure you have a website and logo
4- Make your cover letter direct to the person you are contacting
5- Be specific about what you want. If you are sending the physical presskit to a booking agent make sure you highlight
pictures of shows.

If the person is requesting a digital presskit then send that. If not then send a physical because its more rare.

Antoine King CEO of Spate Media

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