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Do pay showcases help my music career?

Do pay showcases help my music career? Does advertising help your music career? Paying for a showcase is like paying for a advertisement. If there are 100 people there then you just paid $300.00 for a live advertisement. The people in the audience are usually music lovers and artists. These are the type of people you definitely want to network with if your coming up. The best way for a new artist to launch their career is by setting up their own shows. If you have exhausted trying to set up your own events then showcases are the best option. Don't just going around paying for showcases, you must make it into a important event. Make sure you get quality video of your performance. Try to buy a camera and get someone to film it. You could even turn it into a documentary type thing and put it on youtube. This will make you look more important. Here are some tips to use the showcase opportunity as a stepping stone for bigger things.

- Make sure you get quality video of your performance
- Network with other artists, you never know who these artists are. I attended a event with Jay'z nephew
- Have a gift back with your music on a hard drive, poster, lighter or any other creative gift (for important people)
- A showcase is a big advertisement so make sure you shoutout your website, twitter etc..

Hopefully this helps

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