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What is a radio promoter?

As you know DJ's taking payment for music being played is basically illegal. This is called pay for play. It doesn't work the same way for internet radio because there are no laws like this over the internet. The radio promoter is a middleman for the terrestrial radio programmers. They work hard to build relationships with the stations and work out beneficial deals for both parties. Radio programmers that have a great reputation for working with big artists get priority over others. Radio promoters can also put together press kits that include music, picture, t-shirts and other goodies. The fees involved with paying the promoter usually vary and it also depends on the size of the market.

Antoine King CEO
Spate Media

I work in radio promotions for the New York and Sirius Radio Market. If you are looking for radio promotions in those markets please contact
me at antoine@spatemag.com

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