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5 Ways To Be The Hottest Rapper In Your City

There are a few steps to becoming the next big rap star. Lets begin with your team. You should have at least 5 people that agree your the next big thing. Then you need the right music and if you don't make radio records you have to take your career on the road. So here is the way a big rap star maps out his career.

1. Test your music in your market. See if people actually like your song or music. Don't test your music by investing in music that just doesnt work. Find DJ's that will play it or make a focus group of people that will give you a honest opinion.

2. Once you have the music or video get people to post about it on social media. Most of the new artists getting signed have large social media followings. You can also create funny viral videos or just great content people will want to share.

3- Get out and start your own events. You can't make it in this industry if people don't want to see you live. Get out and perform, if your too lazy to start your own events then perform at showcases.

4- Make a great website and update it daily. This is important because the internet is one of the best ways to communicate with your fans.

5- Collaborate with the hottest up and coming rappers in your area. Its easy publicity and even if they charge $500 if they are on the hottest blogs and magazines its worth it.

If you follow these steps you will definitely be the next hottest artist in your city.

Antoine King

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