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5 Ways For Music Artists To Book More Pay Shows

Book More Shows

So many indie artists ask me how to book more pay shows. It starts with your own ambitions. Nobody is going to book you if you can't bring people to the event. The best way to get booked is to find a club and pack it out on the regular basis. The word will spread around that this artist is packing out shows every week and you will get a agent. That's how it works but I put together this list to help you get more dollars in your pockets for your efforts.

1- Cut out the middleman. There are too many showcases and other events where artists don't make any money. If you believe in yourself cut out those promoters that don't pay artists. Only work with promoters that pay artists or work out deals if you can bring a crowd. Every show is important to your success. So in other words book and headline your own shows. There are venues that will let you use it for free as long as your bringing people in to buy drinks.

2- Get the media and booking agents to attend your events. Its not easy to get good agents to attend your events so make sure you have quality video of your packed shows, send it to them with a invite. Booking agents want to make money, so if they see a money making opportunity they will come. Booking agents get paid off what an artist can draw so the more publicity you get the larger your draw. The draw is the amount of people you can bring to a show. Everything or anything can increase your draw. Going to the local mall and handing out flyers and cards can increase your draw. Just talking to people and handing them a card on the street can increase your draw. So be creative and don't be shy about letting people know about what your doing.

3- Get out and network. Networking is such a lost art. You have to know how to work a room. Have a bunch of business cards and make sure everyone in the room doesn't leave without a card. By doing this you are increasing your chances of landing a pay gig. You don't know the connects that anyone has. Anyone could be the person that helps you get to the next level.

4- Search for pay opportunities. You can find them in help wanted ads, trade magazines, college posts etc.. Search out pay gigs.

5- Try ReverbNation and join, they offer gig opps and I personally booked artists from there on many occasions.

Honorable mention, I've seen tons of artists land booking agents by having a strong following on soundcloud. Or strong social media following in general.

Hope it helps
Antoine King CEO of Spate Media

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