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How to set up a tour no matter what your budget

Ok no matter what your budget is you can set up your own tour. It would help to accomplish a few things first, like win a few contests or at least enter a few talent shows. Well even if you don't have a buzz you can still tour but it's gonna take some work for you to make money.

Here are a few tips if you have a small budget.

1- find a small club or bar in any state
2- Find out if you can use it for free, most will say yes if they make money from the bar
3- set a date
4- put together a good 1-2 hour show
5- get someone to host the event preferably someone with personality
6- get other artists, models, comedians, poets to perform
7- get tickets printed and have people pay at the door
8- sell your music at the event

Repeat this in different states and you have a small tour where you can make money

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  1. this is great thanks a lot at least now i have a clear understanding