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Using twitter to market music

Using twitter has proven effective when it comes to marketing music. Twitter is one of the simplest ways to market anything. Basically you build your followers and you send out tweets with links to your music, facebook or website blog. How do you build your followers is the most important question? Similar to building facebook followers you have to promote your link. They don't have a pay per click set up yet with twitter and I'm not sure if they ever will have one but right now twitter advertising is focused on larger companies. You can still use google pay per click advertising or facebook advertising to help build your twitter followers. Just direct the users to the twitter link.

Here is a quick checklist for promoting on twitter
1- Start your twitter page and design a nice background
2- Use groups like #teamfollowback to gain more followers
3- Use pay per click and blog advertising to help build your followers
4- Promote your twitter link in your blog posts
5- Send your twitter link in emails


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